ECU Remapping

Enhance the performance of your vehicle with a ECU remap


What is ECU Remapping?

Majority of modern vehicles come with an “Engine Control Unit” also known as an ECU. ECU remapping is essentially a computer which is responsible for controlling how an engine behaves. By default most vehicles come detuned from the factory, this is done as manufacturers have to sell their cars worldwide so the software on the ECU must take account of the climates, fuel quality and the laws and restrictions of different countries. Essentially when remapping a car you are replacing the software on the ECU with one which makes optimum use of the cars performance or fuel economy

Benefits Of ECU Remapping

Increased MPG

With a proper ECU tune more power is gained throughout the rev range, this means less throttle is required in order to achieve the same speed hence using less fuel

Increased Throttle Response

Once a ECU tune is applied there will be a greater response from when you touch the accelerator pedal due to the increase in power throughout the revs

Increased Power

A boost of up to 30% in power and torque (depending on the vehicle) making your overall driving experience much more enjoyable


The beauty of a ECU tune is it gives you a lot of customisability. For example the removal of rev limiters, speed limiters, EGR and DPF solutions as well as Ad Blue

What We Offer

Stage 1, 2 & 3

Economy Map

Balanced Map

DPF Solution

EGR Delete

AdBlue Delete

Pops & Bangs/Popcorn Limiter

DTC Removal


Most frequent questions and answers

Every vehicle is tuned to a safe degree in what its internals can handle. We always carry out a vehicle health check to ensure that there are no issues to begin with. However, remapping a car does put slightly more stress on the cars components

From start to finish on average we can remap your car within an hour to an hour and a half depending on your vehicle. In some cases where the ECU is locked from previous tuners the ECU would have to be removed and the process would take significantly longer

Anytime that a modification is done to your car it is a legal requirement to notify your insurance company

There is a chance that your warranty could be invalidated. You should always check what your warranty states with your manufacturer if you have any doubts. Bearing in mind any software updates done via your dealership after the remap could bring it back to a factory tune