Vehicle Wrapping

Get your car wrapped with the premium touch

What is Vehicle Wrapping?

Car wrapping changes the look of your vehicle without the needs for a potentially complicated and expensive paint respray. Wrapping involves completely or partially covering the vehicle with a vinyl film. This film can be used to overlay the vehicle with a different colour or design, add a gloss or matte finish, or to simply add a protective layer.A car wrap may also be known as a paint wrap, colour change wrap or paint protection film.

Benefits Of Vehicle Wrap

Protects Paintwork

Wrapping a vehicle provides protection to the original body work. Scratches and light scrapes which occur can be protected by the vinyl.

Easily Removable

Wrap is essentially a big sticker. This allows removal of it with ease for example when your going to sell your car you can return it to stock form.

Cost Efficiency

A vehicle wrap is significantly cheaper when compared to a professional respray job. Saving you extra money and achieving a similar look.

Highly Customisaable

Vehicle wrap allows your imagination to be set free. You can mix and match colours with ease and also go for a specific look.

Types of car wraps

There are multiple types of car wraps to choose from, the three most popular choices being:
Colour vinyl wrapping is an opaque film which is used to change the finish or colour of a vehicle. They are commonly used for advertising wraps however, custom prints are also available for other vehicles. Custom printing allows you to have any image printed onto your wrap and then applied to your vehicle. These are usually available in both matte and glossy finishes
Advertising wraps are used to display the key information or brand of a business. They are mostly common for vans but can also be done many other vehicles.
Clear vinyl wrapping is done to maintain and protect a vehicles original paintwork as well as its original colour and finish.


Most frequent questions and answers

A vehicle wrap is essentially a big sticker. As long as the brand of vinyl is of high quality the vinyl should remove with ease.

A properly installed vehicle wrap can last between 3 to 5 years depending on how you take care of the wrap

Vehicle wrapping counts as a modification and with any modification you must inform your insurance company of the colour change and also DVLA

With our professional and highly skilled installers you can be ensured that your vehicle will be taken care of.